Collaboration. Development. Service

We must work together to develop and serve Africa and African descendants. We strive to deliver our care and help to those who live in a constant struggle, whose kids and parents suffer from permanent losses and grief. Help us achieve the greatest goal – bring humanity and happiness to places where it is needed the most. They need your support.

Meet Our Team

Chief Lance Jones

Global Ambassador & BOD

Dr. Diola Bagayoko

Director, STEM Mentoring & BOD

Dr. Nkem Khumbah

Chairman, Board of Drectors

Rev. Pam Fomunung

Visionary, President and CEO

Sir William ‘Mickey’ Stevenson

Motown’s First A&R Man – Advisor

Attorney Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD)

AFRICA’s BRAIN BANK® Ambassador to Africa

Dr. Robert Ford

STEM Coordination

Mr. Douglas A. Eze

ABB Advisor

Dr. Ivonne Kanko -Musa, PhD.

Academic Director

Mr. Njita Wilson

AHSA Coorindator

Mrs. Evelyn Mafeni

Administrator & STEM Mentor

Dr. Robert Baffour

STEM Affiliate

Frank Jackson

Director, University Mentoring

Dr. Paul Ushie

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Olubunmi Ogbodu

Nigeria Rep. & Mentor

Dr. Ignatius Fomunung

STEM Affiliate & ABB Director

Dr. Ajibade Adebusola


Chadwick Carlisle

IT Administrator / Media Management

Dr. Aminata Sessay

Director, AHSA Program & Mentor

Jalloh Muhammed

Sierra Leone Rep & Project Engineer

Ma Emma Fraser

ABBA Sierra Leone

Mr. Peter Salisu

ABBA Sierra Leone

Mr. Abu Gborie

AHSA Rep. & Mentor, Sierra Leone

Mr. Stephen Cheboi

ABBA Kenya Rep

Mr. Moses Ngulube

ABBA Zambia Rep

Mr. Phillip Kpakiwa

ABBA Guinea

Mr. Bryan Krar

ABBA Uganda

Mrs. Nimco Eid

ABBA Somaliland

Mr. Esam Adam

ABBA Sudan