AFRICA’S BRAIN BANK is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization poised to bring together leaders and professionals from all walks of life with a common interest in seeing Africa evolve out of its economic doldrums in our generation. We believe that we can help reshape the future of the much-maligned continent by promoting and organizing the exchange of ideas, insights on policy, resources, and more via a series of recurring events and forums around the world.
  • Our Mission
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Why Our Mission Matters!

For decades, Africans have complained about Africa’s brain drain; now AFRICA’S BRAIN BANK has brought Africa the solution to Africa’s brain drain! With AFRICA’S BRAIN BANK, it doesn’t matter where the brainpower is, Africa and Africans can tap into it and Africa will definitely benefit from it since it isn’t limited by geography. Thanks to our mission, all the intellectual capital deposited into AFRICA’S BRAIN BANK will be available for withdrawal and use throughout Africa and the diaspora on behalf of Africa and Africans.

Collaboration for Growth!

We pride ourselves on assembling a coalition of African experts in various industry sectors from across the diaspora and Africa because we believe that together, we can end the brain drain that continues to plague the resource-rich continent. To that end, we are urging all Africans and people of African descent to be a part of AFRICA’S BRAIN BANK. As the African proverb goes, “Charity begins at home,” so we pray and implore you to help us fulfill this greater purpose.