“Africa’s Brain Bank is the next best thing to all people of African descent going back home”


– Dr. Diola Bagayoko

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Social Media, Transportation & Telecommunication, Energy & Electricity, and Water


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Our Pledge

To create a repository of Africa’s most valuable resources— intellectual capital, intellectual property, and brainpower.

We are building a virtual brain bank for Africa comprised of Africans from all disciplines. Imagine the type of transactions that occur in a regular bank—deposits, withdrawals, transfers, etc. Then consider a repository of Africa’s intellect, where Africans can deposit their expertise, experience, talent, brainpower, and more. Now picture Africans and African leaders tapping into this network to make withdrawals, transfer knowledge, expertise, and much more. That is our mission!

Africa’s Brain Bank is not a commercial bank and not affiliated with any commercial banks.

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